Setting the Bar for Modular Innovation

As a prominent manufacturer of modular pod accommodation solutions in Australia, ModnPods is leading the way in establishing sustainable standards within the industry. Our unwavering commitment to minimising environmental impact has fuelled our drive to become an industry innovator, constantly optimising our products and processes.

One of our key strategies involves the implementation of lean manufacturing, a modern production model that enables us to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall quality of our final products. Throughout our manufacturing process, it is imperative for us to uphold our promise of sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.

At ModnPods, our team collaborates closely to continually refine the design elements of our modular pods. Our Production Team Leaders maintain open lines of communication with our in-house designers and architects, working together to identify opportunities for waste reduction and efficiency enhancement at every stage of a project.

ModnPods | Modular Accommodation Solutions | Design & Operations Team

A recent illustration of this collaborative effort arose when our manufacturing team raised a concern about our finish plywood coating process. It was observed that several coated plywood panels were being concealed with cabinetry that did not require an additional finish. Recognising this as an opportunity to minimise waste and optimise our production time, we took decisive action.

In response, our design team incorporated an additional step into their project drawings and plans. They began indicating which plywood panels required coating before installation and which ones did not. By numbering and mapping out the panels on the project drawings, we empowered our manufacturing team to expedite the finish plywood coating process and eliminate unnecessary product waste.

ModnPods x Rubio Monocoat | Modular Accommodation Solutions

This initiative has not only conserved valuable resources but has also served as a testament to our continuous evolution and collective dedication to sustainability and a lean production process. By fostering collaboration and embracing innovative solutions, we constantly push the boundaries of what modular manufacturing can achieve.

Another example of environmentally beneficial collaboration also concerns our ply. By continuously working with our supplier and providing a consistent volume of work through our lean manufacturing methods, we were able to negotiate industry non-standard size sheets to better fit our pods. This resulted in less cuts, less labour and took our ply waste from 28% down to .5%

ModnPods | Modular Accommodation Solutions

Looking ahead, ModnPods remains unwavering in our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into our operations, product design, and lean manufacturing processes. We will persistently explore new avenues for improvement, cultivating a culture of innovation and environmental stewardship within our organisation. Together, we can forge a more sustainable future for the modular accommodation industry and in-turn, create a better experience within our accommodation solutions for our clients and their guests.