Our partners


Our partner of choice when it comes to architectural cladding is none other than Colorbond Steel. Their premium Australian-made product allows us to achieve sleek clean lines while maintaining a truly modern and minimalist aesthetic. It’s durable, long-lasting, weather tight and secure to ensure the highest standard for each of our builds. It is also environmentally responsible, termite resistant and easy to maintain. Choose from their incredible range of exterior colours to put a personal touch on your pod and make it your own. From SeaMist to Manor Red, Monument to Jasper, there is something for every taste and style.

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ModnPods x Colorbond
ModnPods x Red Earth

Red Earth

We’ve partnered with RedEarth to bring you the most innovative and sustainable Australian-made energy solutions around.⁠ Since 2013, Australian-owned and operated RedEarth has been providing individuals and businesses throughout Australia with energy storage solutions to harness the power of the sun, all day and all night. People are turning to solar energy in droves and when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why. We’re talking environmental responsibility, energy security, cost-savings and more which is why all of our Pods come with the option to add a full solar package. RedEarth operates with the belief that electricity will be the primary energy source in the future, and that every business and residence can generate more clean, green electricity than it can consume.

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When it comes to selecting the finest most sustainable Australian-made tapware for our kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, as well as sinks, we’ve undeniably chosen Oliveri Solutions. This incredible business has been manufacturing and distributing in Australia since 1947. In fact, they are Australia’s only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer and one of this country’s best home-grown success stories. ⁠Another reason we love them is their manufacturing plant is a zero-waste-to-land-fill facility. Talk about sustainable innovation. We’re super proud to be associated with brands of this calibre, to bring you only the best for your Pods.

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ModnPods x Oliveri
ModnPods x Kardean Flooring

Karndean Flooring

We’re proud to have partnered with leaders in Australian-made flooring solutions, Karndean Design Flooring. The team aim to make stylish and durable floors with the lowest possible impact on the environment….which is exactly what we’re about. Their approach is based on the use of recycled materials in all floor coverings and ensuring that the finished product is suitable for recycling if required, and they’re committed to improving their manufacturing processes to ensure sustainability while always delivering the best value. Each plank is carefully designed for authenticity and can be laid in the stunning herringbone layout or straight lay. Comfortable, stylish, durable, low maintenance and waterproof…it’s a win-win. Choose from a variety of styles to bring an ageless beauty of natural flooring to your Pod.

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We proudly work with Clipsal for the best and most innovative residential and commercial electrical solutions for each and every Pod. We’re talking everything from power points, to switches, lighting, c-bus, smart home and more. Founded in 1920, it’s an Australian brand that has always stood for innovation and advanced electrical engineering, which is why they’re our supplier of choice. They breathe life into spaces using technology designed for an ever-changing world. We’re excited to offer the Clipsal Wiser Smart Home system in our Pods for even more comfort, energy efficiency and peace of mind. From blinds that open to greet the sun, aircon that comes on before the day’s heat, and lights that dim as you drift off…little touches that enable your Pod to adjust to your lifestyle or business needs.

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ModnPods x Clipsal
ModnPods x Edje Concrete

Edje Concrete

Inspired by nature, no two Edje Concrete pieces are the same. Uniquely hand crafted in a range of seasonal colours, with an industrial edge and refined proportions – from basins to benchtops, tables to splashbacks. Custom concrete pieces add a bold sculptural statement. Made to last, Edje Concrete is raw yet refined, injecting rustic forms with commercial durability.

Bespoke designs complement your aesthetic – from contemporary chic to coastal luxe to modern farmhouse or wherever your design inspiration takes you. Our striking, timeless concrete designs are handcrafted by artisans, built for function.

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Orrcon Steel

Partnering with Orrcon Steel has been instrumental for our manufacturing processes. Their premium steel products not only ensure superior quality but also form the very foundation of our modular offerings.

Orrcon’s consistency and dedication to excellence make them an invaluable supplier in our production chain, driving us to create the best for our clients.

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ModnPods x Orrcon Steel
ModnPods x Blackline Steel

Blackline Steel Frame & Truss

Blackline Steel Frame & Truss produce superior ready assembled wall frames, roof trusses and floor joists quickly with flawless precision. When it comes to the foundations of our Pods, we have selected the highest quality framing solutions to ensure a healthy and long lifespan. 

We trust Blackline’s process in the manufacturing of their cold rolled light gauge steel frames that are produced to very close tolerances ensuring a strong foundation with no risk of warping or flex. Steel is lightweight, pest and moisture resistant, and importantly, sustainable.

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Rubio Monocoat

We take great pride in having Rubio Monocoat as a valued partner. Their product allows us to keep our sustainability promises, all while creating aesthetically pleasing modular accommodation. Using a VOC free hardwax oil wood finish that is easy to apply, easy to maintain and keeps the natural look and feel of the wood means we reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure, while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments for our clients and their customers.

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ModnPods x Rubio Monocoat
ModnPods x G.James


Although they have grown into an incredibly successful company, G.James is still a family owned and operated business that we value as a local partner. Specialising in the Australian-based production of aluminium windows and doors, building facades and aluminium extrusions, G.James is also a leading processor of secondary glass products including laminated, toughened and insulating glass units. Our energy efficiency ratings and signature window shapes would not be where they are today without our partnership with this amazing company.

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