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Environmental Action Plan

Our commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.

Where we’ve come from.

ModnPods was founded in 2015 with a purpose to deliver environmentally conscious, prefabricated modular pods and to attract clientele that share in our vision. As a leading manufacturer of modular pod housing and accommodation solutions in Australia, we have an opportunity to set the standard for considered and conscious practices in our industry. We strive to be an innovator in this space and continue to optimise impact of our products. This action plan ensures that these promises are upheld to the highest standard. Nearly all our suppliers are local to our Gold Coast factory and most of the materials we use are entirely recyclable. We place high value on delivering modular pods with maximum energy efficiency that are built to last. We hope to inspire, educate and empower ModnPods’ customers and inhabitants to adopt similar practices not just during their stay but also in their own lives, and create a beneficial impact on their communities and the planet. We understand the importance of embedding and incorporating environmentally positive initiatives throughout our systems, processes and operational management plans, and we see great opportunity to strengthen our practices through ModnPods’ Environmental Strategy. This strategy details the measures proposed for ModnPods’ activities encompassing our Gold Coast factory, as well as the entire lifespan of our modular pods within Australia.

Our values.


Products, service, suppliers, design.

Providing a quality product, by using quality products is one of the most environmentally-positive practices we can undertake. A quality-first approach must be our priority when evaluating suppliers, contractors, products, design and manufacturing methodology.


Community, manufacturing, waste, footprint.

We seek to create positive impact on the environment where we work and where communities enjoy our products. As we grow we will continue to positively impact those around us.


Design, products, suppliers, efficiencies.

We do not simply accept the status quo. We stand passionately for innovation of environmentally conscious design and the rigorous education of those we do business with.


Our people, customers, to country and community.

Each day we operate, ModnPods works to create a better world for our community. A more connected world that brings communities together to share the natural beauty of our planet and one we can share with many generations to come.

Existing actions.

Materials and suppliers

ModnPods prioritises high-quality, locally-sourced and recycleable materials for more durable products with a longer life span. We pay special consideration to the health and well-being of all occupants by reducing use of toxic or hazardous materials throughout the pods.

Environmentally conscious design principles

Each pod is designed for maximum energy efficiency by using top quality commercial grade insulation to reduce the need for heating and using minimal toxic or hazardous materials. We implement further waste minimisation practices by working with suppliers who pre-fabricate and cut our materials to size specification to reduce residual building materials.

Conscious customisation

We offer the option for all of our pods to be fully off-grid and self- sufficient with zero operational emissions through the use of solar panels and our battery storage technology.

Circular economy

The whole lifecycle of the materials used to construct the pods is considered to ensure recyclability or origination from renewable sources. We use commercial-grade steel for the pod structure which is infinitely recyclable without any loss of properties.


A localised proximity of our supply chain is a key consideration. Our supplier radius must meet within 150kms of our Gold Coast factory for all of our product supplies, manufacturing and services needs. Our pursuit to embed apprenticeships that encourage locally based new talent is imperative to our social impact and leadership responsibility as a company.

Our environmental initiatives.

Our practice management can be grouped into six categories.
These have been divided into 3 phases with associated timeframes.

Internal decarbonisation

Taking accountability of our in-house operations and their contribution to climate change while creating internal procedures and activity to reduce our impact. Empowering our staff through education to enable this in-house transition.

Materials and suppliers

Working with suppliers to identify the least environmentally impactful way to source materials and prioritising materials with the lowest embodied carbon. We seek to identify how our suppliers produce materials using waste minimisation design practices, which will support us to achieve reduction of waste through our building process.

Design principles

Through our dedicated in-house design team and architects, we work to enhance various aspects of practice management during the manufacturing process. We use design principles to maximise energy and water efficiency, strengthen climate resiliency, improve renewable energy performance and implement waste minimisation practices.

Conscious customisation

Offering a wide variety of optional low carbon solutions as add-ons to the pods to enable positive environmental governance outcomes for our clients and customers.

Circular economy

Our first circular pillar is through minimising waste and maximising material reuse and recycling in the supply chain. Prioritising materials that have been manufactured using recycled products. Lastly, curating and implementing waste management and segregation plans and capturing waste data will become the core auditing procedures we will implement to deliver circularity principals.


Supporting the local economy by prioritising local products and suppliers while expanding our green partnerships. Educating the ModnPods users and the wider public about the positive environmental impacts of our modular pods.

Next steps.

Our Environmental Strategy is subject to modification and revision as we begin to transition to more sustainable practices. This strategy serves the structure upon which we will be building out the initiatives identified in this strategy and setting targets.

Authenticity and transparency are essential to our business and as such, we will be assessing and evaluating our sustainability performance and provide that through yearly updating of our Environmental Strategy.