Larissa Rose Appointed In-house Environment & Sustainability Manager

Gold Coast-based modular manufacturer, ModnPods is doubling down on its sustainability commitments with the goal of influencing a more sustainable change within the building and manufacturing industries.

With that comes the in-house appointment of Environment and Sustainability Manager, Larissa Rose.

ModnPods Executive Chairman and Managing Director, Stuart Giles explains, “We are incredibly excited to have someone of Larissa’s calibre join the ModnPods team and help us take our sustainability initiatives to a new level.”

Larissa’s in-house appointment will see her drive the company’s sustainability strategy and undertake further measures to reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process, reduce embodied carbon and ultimately deliver premium quality, sustainable pods .

“Her experience in environment and sustainability will undoubtedly be of huge benefit to not only our business, but also our customers’ and the community who benefit from businesses taking their responsibilities seriously and providing better environmental outcomes for future generations,” continued Giles.

Rose who is the Director and Founder of GG Enviro, is a multi-award-winning environmental specialist with a comprehensive knowledge of environmental practice management, sustainability, and renewable energy.

“My appointment highlights the progressive leadership and environmental responsibility that ModnPods are taking across their whole business model, for now and into the future”.   

“I am excited to lead ModnPods’ robust vision and exemplify how we implement sustainability, and achieve data driven goals”.

Larissa Rose | ModnPods | Sustainability Manager

ModnPods are committed to delivering sustainable, innovative modular pods while continuously investigating ways to further reduce the environmental impact of modular dwellings.

To learn more about ModnPods’ sustainability initiatives, head to Sustainability Action Plan – ModnPods