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ModnPods | Ingenia Byron Bay

Our story.

ModnPods was founded on the Gold Coast in 2015. Originally formulated on the use of shipping containers, ModnPods has rapidly evolved into the architecturally designed, environmentally conscious, prefabricated modular pod range that is enhancing Holiday Parks and retreats around Australia. By utilising fellow Australian manufacturers and suppliers who are situated close to our production facilities, ModnPods works to support local businesses and to reduce the embodied energy of each of our pods.

Our business is underpinned by our values, which are driven by an energetic team who are passionate about educating consumers on a new way of living, working and playing through the production of prefabricated modular dwellings. As innovators within the sector, ModnPods’ unique in-house designs, locally sourced materials, value-aligned suppliers combined with a lean construction and manufacturing model, has enabled us to become a leading manufacturer of modular pod housing and accommodation solutions in Australia.

Our mission.

At ModnPods, we believe that every holiday should be an unforgettable experience that nourishes the soul, the body, and the planet. We are on a mission to reimagine the Australian holiday experience by creating environmentally conscious and healthy modular spaces that elevate the way people travel, connect with nature, and enjoy a relaxing getaway.
We are stewards of the planet, and we take our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment seriously. Our Pods are built using signature design principles, utilising recyclable materials, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly practices. We prioritise minimising our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, reducing embodied carbon and promoting biodiversity, to ensure that our impact on the environment is positive and regenerative.
We believe that a healthy space fosters a healthy mind and body. Our Pods are designed with the well-being of our guests in mind, offering a serene sanctuary where they can unwind, recharge, and reconnect. From natural light and air circulation to toxin-free materials, every aspect of our pods are carefully curated to create a nurturing environment that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic wellness.
We believe in fostering meaningful connections with tourism providers around Australia in mutually beneficial partnerships that are designed first and foremost to elevate the guest experience and showcase what our country has to offer.
We are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for our environment, well-being, and exploration. Our Pods are a haven for conscious travellers who seek unique, enriching, and eco-friendly experiences. We strive to inspire, educate, and empower our guests to make impactful choices during their stay and beyond, to create a positive ripple effect in their communities and the world.

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ModnPods | Ingenia Byron Bay

Our Team.

With so many pivotal elements to each individual project, our ModnPods team offer a diverse range of expertise and skills that are crucial to enable we connect and work towards a common goal.

From dedicated Project Coordinators, to Drafts people and Architectural Designers, Finance Management, Marketing right through to warehouse Trades people, our whole team collaboratively produce each pod to the highest quality, all while delivering a boutique client experience.

We pride ourselves on our vibrant culture, keeping no divide between departments, we truly do work effortlessly across all sectors.

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