ModnPods is the brainchild of a forward thinking group of designers and developers, comprised of construction and property professionals. ModnPods has developed as a value-added solution for the residential and commercial property, ModnPods networks have allowed us to deliver modular solutions, saving time and cost for clients while never compromising on quality.

Our view of sustainability creates a future-proof method of construction and development, safeguarding the natural environment for future generations. Innovation and sustainability together can help reduce our reliance on raw materials, creating a secondary life cycle for the built environment and limiting our environmental footprint.

ModnPods operates from Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast. When the Modn team isn’t doing site visits or meeting with developers you can always find them surfing or exploring the hinterlands. John Christie the Founder believes in a healthy work life balance which is one of the keys to Modn’s success.

ModnPods & our Team

John Christie - Sales Director


The ModnPods Difference

ModnPods is a modern company providing container solutions with a difference. Developed to supply leading affordable luxury modular homes, we deliver innovative designs for any site.

MODNPODS Display - Interior Design

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