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Multi-unit accommodation.

Prioritise every demographic of traveller, staff and individual occupant by expanding your accommodation suite with ModnPods modular solutions.

Offering premium dwellings that focus not only on sustainability, renewable energy and environmental protection, but on impeccable high-end specification finishes while presenting ample health benefits for occupant, staff and proprietor.

With an ever evolving tourism industry and a constant demand for community accommodation, ModnPods provide ample innovative alternatives to uniform and traditional multi-unit dwellings. A multi-unit development by ModnPods unlocks a world of possibilities, attracting those who yearn to sleep, stay and play in nature without forgoing creature comforts.

With a lean manufacturing model, ModnPods the capacity to produce innumerous turnkey pods for your project in accelerated timeframes. Your project could be up and running, ready for occupancy shortly after 12 weeks from signing. Explore the premium holiday accommodation space with ModnPods today.

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Why ModnPods.

ModnPods’ mission is to reduce carbon footprint wherever possible with sustainability woven throughout the entire pod process including design, fabrication, and installation.

Staying true to ethos and brand foundations, a heavy focus is put on being a local manufacturer, using 90% Australian-made materials and products that are sourced within 150kms of the factory.

ModnPods is a leader in the industry of modular pod solutions. Manufactured right on the Gold Coast, not only the pods, but the customer service is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

What you see if what you get with ModnPods. No hidden costs. personal budget and costings laid out. Specification fit-out and selections to best suit the climate and environment of your project. A modular accommodation solution like no other.

Elevate your venue.

A ModnPods multi-unit suite can take your holiday park, eco-retreat or winery to the next level with a re-engineered architectural design for the pure purpose of a long term, advantageous return on investment and profitability, ModnPods focus on continuously being a leader in the prefabricated modular sector, while maturing as an influential business and manufacturer.

Each pod features an enviable internal and external fit-out with an array of selections that will leave your occupants enjoying the creature comforts of a premium dwelling, within the bounds of a lower project cost.

Open plan layouts offer simple maintenance of the pods, with less room for upkeep costs and issues.

ModnPods, are fully equipped to ensure your business is ahead of the game, by designing and bringing to life a healthier and more profitable future for your business.

Benefits of modular.

  • Minimal disruption to daily operations with pods built off-site
  • Steel frame for a long lasting product
  • Optimised energy efficiencies and costs
  • Produced using 90% Australian materials
  • Cyclone & bushfire rated
  • Non-toxic, healthy spaces for staff and guests
  • Environmentally robust design
  • Low maintenance upkeep
  • High-quality materials
  • Commercial-grade insulation
  • Sustainable and affordable turnkey solution
  • Improves environmental footprint
  • Increased staff retention and job desirability
  • Highest calibre of air and sound quality

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