A Lean Approach

With a focus and priority on producing the highest quality accommodation product for holiday parks and the like, we have placed an emphasis on a new approach to manufacturing.

ModnPods has taken on an updated manufacturing model, lean manufacturing. When it comes to modular pods this model can help to streamline production, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of the finished product. At the same time, it is important for us to maintain our sustainability promise from start to finish.

Key strategies that we use to implement lean manufacturing and sustainability within our production line:

Standardise production processes: Standardising production processes is a key aspect of lean manufacturing. By developing standard operating procedures for each step of the pod construction process, we can shorten the production lead time and reduce resources required to produce each unit, while also ensuring that each pod meets the same high quality standards.

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Optimise the layout of the factory: A well-designed factory layout can help to reduce waste and improve efficiency. By positioning equipment and workstations in the most efficient way possible, we can minimise the time and resources required to move materials and complete each step of the manufacturing process within faster timeframes.

ModnPods | Factory Facility | Modular Accommodation Solutions

Use sustainable materials: Using sustainable materials is essential for maintaining our ModnPods promises. This includes using materials that are renewable, recycled, or biodegradable, as well as minimising waste and emissions during the manufacturing process.

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Implement energy-efficient practices: Energy-efficient practices can help to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing. This includes using energy-efficient lighting and equipment, as well as implementing procedures to minimise energy waste and emissions during the manufacturing process.

ModnPods | Modular Accommodation Solutions

Monitor and improve processes: We are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve all processes. With a production team that is committed to quality, both our General Manager of Manufacturing and Production Manager closely monitor and analyse the manufacturing process, ensuring we can identify areas for improvement and implement immediate changes to further streamline production.

ModnPods | Modular Accommodation Solutions

We are beyond proud of our manufacturing model and by implementing lean manufacturing we can be sure we are not compromising quality.

Our brand new 6200m2 factory will house a full team of tradespeople who are committed to the values that ModnPods hold.

With a systematic approach to reducing waste, improving efficiency, and maintaining sustainability throughout the manufacturing process, our pod products will evolve and continue to stay the most innovative accommodation solutions for our valued clients.