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Introducing basepod.

a culmination of signature ModnPods design principles, environmental performance and consumer feedback packed into one affordable pod.

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Expedite your return on investment.

Available in 1, 1.5 and 2-bedroom design layouts. BasePod offers Holiday Parks simple, and purposeful architecture with unmatched environmental and economic benefits. Underpinned by ModnPods’ vision to create long-lasting, environmentally conscious modular dwellings, BasePod is designed around manufacturing efficiencies and waste minimisation.

8.1m x 4.2m Studio

10.7m x 4.2m Studio

15.5m x 4.2m Two Bedroom

Our values.


Products, service, suppliers, design.

Providing a quality product, by using quality products is one of the most environmentally-positive practices we can undertake. A quality-first approach must be our priority when evaluating suppliers, contractors, products, design and manufacturing methodology.


Community, manufacturing, waste, footprint.

We seek to create positive impact on the environment where we work and where communities enjoy our products. As we grow we will continue to positively impact those around us.


Design, products, suppliers, efficiencies.

We do not simply accept the status quo. We stand passionately for innovation of environmentally conscious design and the rigorous education of those we do business with.


Our people, customers, to country and community.

Each day we operate, ModnPods works to create a better world for our community. A more connected world that brings communities together to share the natural beauty of our planet and one we can share with many generations to come.

Installation made easy.

We understand that site works can be expensive and disruptive to your park operations and your guests. From the beginning of our process, our customers enjoy access to our Developments team who will oversee all the work on-site to ensure a smooth and seamless installation of your pods.