Premium Modular Pods

Architecturally designed in-house for multi-unit projects across Australia.

Our Premium range is manufactured with ModnPods’ signature prefabricated design principles, utilising renewable, high-end materials, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly practices.

Constructed for Holiday Parks and Retreats around Australia, Government Social Housing projects and the like, this range has been designed with all types of accommodation solutions in mind. 

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Our Pod Range.

Versatile, architecturally-designed modular solutions for commercial projects.

Each pod from the range offers an array of open plan layout configurations that have been meticulously considered by the in-house design team to optimise the experience for occupant and proprietor alike.

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Our materials and methods are what make our pods less impactful on the environment and more impactful as an investment.

Structural steel frame.

Completely recyclable at the end of it’s life, this Australian-made steel is manufactured within an 80km radius of our warehouse, meaning fewer transport emissions and a lower embodied energy footprint for your project. Completely durable for the lifetime of the pod, this product needs little to no maintenance.

PIR insulation panels.

Australian-made, and produced within an 80km radius of our warehouse. Naturally, fire retardant without the addition of other chemicals. Constructed with a low VOC manufacturing process, some parts can be recycled at the end of life while other parts are considered completely non-toxic.

Colorbond cladding.

Durable and resilient to Australia’s harsh climate, Colorbond cladding’s proven longevity keeps resources in use for longer, minimising its impact on the environment. All steel contains recycled material and the steel itself is 100% recyclable.

Vinyl plank flooring.

Completely recycled materials create this plank flooring with an added bonus of the finished product being totally recyclable if and when required. Contrasting to natural counterparts, this product is much easier to maintain as it requires no staining or other harsh and frequent flooring treatments.

Australian-made hoop plywood.

Sourced from FSC-certified plantations that are located within 200km of ModnPods HQ, while being processed and manufactured within 100km. Creation of this material produces the second-lowest possible level of emissions, E0 formaldehyde, meaning little environmental impact.

Plywood coating.

Ensuring a healthy, non-toxic environment, this product has no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) coating, and is water-based with little to no smell. Durable but easy to repair and maintain, the coating does not impact the end of the life process of the hoop plywood.

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