Schools going Modular for healthier futures.

The modular movement has seen epic transformations to the humble backyard, but we’re now seeing pods at the heart of the ever-increasing move towards healthier schools.

Now more than ever schools are embodying the very important role of being champions for the health of our children and our planet.

Across the country schools have been changing things up to promote healthier minds and bodies through refreshed, nutritious canteen menus, environmental education programs and sustainability-focused initiatives within school grounds.

It’s important to remember though that health starts with the foundation – the structure itself. Cue the shift towards embracing innovative school architecture! Because there’s no denying that productivity, creativity and the health of our minds thrive in fresh, healthy and visually aesthetic spaces.

Progress shot of one of the music pods.

We’re now seeing an increase in schools boosting their health performance in the  renovation and expansion space by choosing modular builds over traditional construction or the old school demountable set-up. When it comes to upgrading or expanding facilities, schools are seeing pods as a healthier and more economical option.

School years are pivotal in nourishing, nurturing and supporting children and teenagers as they learn, grow and develop into thriving young adults. And with children spending a significant amount of their growing years in school, the quality of the spaces in which they learn plays a huge part in their development and wellbeing.

At ModnPods we are very aware that poor indoor temperatures, inferior air quality, and toxic, allergy-triggering materials can create the perfect breeding ground for sickness, poor mental health and learning difficulties.

That is why each of our Pods are built to Passive House Standards using the highest quality local materials while featuring state-of-the-art acoustic paneling and a revolutionary Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system.

Fiercely versatile in nature, our Pods can be used in schools as music, dance or drama rooms, dedicated spaces for quiet activities, teacher offices or simply, extra classrooms – you dream it, we design, build and deliver it!

Our pod configurations range from 4.5m wide up to a super spacious 15m wide with an open plan design – this is your blank canvas, perfect for the creatives out there! We also offer a stunning suite of interior and exterior design options to choose from. Depending on your size and design selection, our Pods can accommodate up to 20 students.

Why are schools turning to classroom pods?

  • Quicker turnaround than a typical school renovation or expansion project

  • No construction takes place onsite meaning minimal disruption to the daily school operation

  • A non-toxic learning environment for children

CASE STUDY: Wanting to create private, sound-friendly, creativity-boosting spaces for music students, Shire Christian School in Sydney, NSW approached ModnPods to talk possibilities.

What started as a vision to upgrade the school’s infrastructure to feature dedicated music hubs, grew into a stunning four-pod development featuring a combination of our designs.

Committed to nurturing the health of their students, Shire Christian School was attracted to ModnPods’ use of No VOC painting and coating, non-toxic or hazardous materials, and allergy-friendly flooring. While the build process allowed the Pods to be positioned away from the main school dwelling so the students could immerse themselves in music closer to nature.

At ModnPods, we know how important a fresh, calm teaching and learning environment is, that’s why each of our Pods oozes innovation with air and sound quality of the highest calibre.

Each ModnPod is fitted out with premium, sustainable acoustic panels crafted from natural materials, wood and cement. We chose Troldtekt’s panels for their exceptional sound absorption capabilities and their strength and durability.

All Pods are also equipped with a Stiebel Eltron HRV System to ensure fresh, healthy air circulates throughout the space via controlled ventilation. Simply put, HRV discharges old, stagnant air and brings healthy air from the outside into the classroom.

So what are the benefits of HRV to a classroom?

  • Purifies the air and reduces aerosol concentration — reducing fatigue, headaches, dry throat and eyes, asthma and the risk of infections

  • Prevents the growth of mould

  • Provides healthy, comfortable temperatures all year round

  • The system itself is discreet, operating very quietly

  • It is an energy-saving ventilation solution

We have never wanted to deny anyone the magic of a Modnpod, that’s why we have designed a product that can be shipped anywhere in Australia. We’re talking bustling cities and coastal towns, through to rural and inland communities.

Another stand-out feature is that we have designed a product that withstands the extreme Australian climate. Each of our Pods has been purposely designed and built to be bushfire and cyclone proof. This ensures more Australians reap the benefits of modular living regardless of their location.

Our winning combination of superior acoustics, premium air quality, Australian-made and recycled materials and Passive House design has created a healthy, robust and sustainable product perfect for the humble backyard through to commercial developments for schools, wineries and holiday parks.

Choosing modular pods for classrooms really is an investment in shaping healthy futures for our children and the planet they call home. Reach out to our team of experts and start the journey towards your healthier school today!