Packhorse Uplevels its Sustainability Game with Modular Accommodation

ModnPods The King

Paving the way for how companies step up for their people and the planet, Packhorse has sought out modular experts ModnPods to elevate its staff accommodation to a higher standard of health and environmental sustainability.

With a deep commitment to addressing climate change, the leading Australian pastoral and natural capital solutions company acquires degraded agricultural properties to develop under the principles of regenerative agriculture. By reintroducing multi species perennials and using animal impact through time controlled grazing, the company aims to sequester soil carbon on at least half of the targeted 2 million hectares of land.

Understanding their workforce is at the heart of their business, Packhorse set out to overhaul the housing quarters provided to workers living and staying on-property across rural Australia.

ModnPods Founder John Christie says Packhorse is paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future for the cattle and pastoral sector in Australia.

“Packhorse reached out to ModnPods directly with a very strong vision of showing appreciation for its employees and their health while simultaneously softening their business environmental footprint,” John said. “Our mission is to support ambitious individuals and businesses in bringing their sustainability goals to life and Packhorse’s Tom and Anna Strachan are absolute powerhouses in their drive to challenge their sector’s paradigm.

“In an inspiring move, Packhorse is raising the bar for standards of living across the cattle and pastoral sector, and we are beyond thrilled to equip them with a top grade product to see them charge ahead of the game.”

After seeking out the design genius of ModnPods, Packhorse opted for a stunning modular dwelling to position on its Lighthouse Station property in Wallumbilla, Queensland. Sitting pretty on its 13,880-hectare property at a bold 12M by 3.5M, The King is a one-bedroom pod featuring a living area, kitchen, bath and full RedEarth solar package.

To really elevate the living space, Packhorse chose to upgrade their modular accommodation to feature an awning and deck, creating an idyllic spot to bask in the beautiful surrounding landscape at sundown.

Powering forward, Packhorse has since sought out the spacious versatility of The Bombie  for LightHouse Station. At an epic 15M x 4.5M, The Bombie is the largest in the ModnPods suite with varying configurations designed for optimum space and comfort.

Diving deeper into the ModnPods design phase landed Packhorse with The Bombie in a larger one-bedroom layout complete with a dining table, full kitchen and again an upgrade to RedEarth’s premium Honey Badger Solar System.

Being a business of the land exposed to the raw, harsh elements, it was important for Packhorse to align with a robust product specifically designed to withstand the extreme Australian climate.

Each ModnPod is purposely designed and built to be bushfire and cyclone proof while cultivating premium indoor air quality to boost protection from the unforgiving outdoor environment rife with dust, wild winds, pollens and pollutants.

Packhorse was attracted to ModnPods use of No-VOC painting and coating, non-toxic or hazardous materials, still built to a premium standard.

Each ModnPod is designed to Passive House standards and built using 90% high-grade Australian-made materials while an incredible 70% of products are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

By choosing ModnPods, Packhorse is respecting both the land on which the Pod takes up residence and the individual health and vitality of its valuable workers. Packhorse going modular has no doubt cracked open a world of opportunities to propel itself ahead of its field in the sustainability space.

Recognising that the team is a business greatest asset is not a new notion, but one that few genuinely act upon. Packhorse isn’t just talking the talk. By investing in ethical, healthy, state-of-the-art ModnPods accommodation, Packhorse is setting the benchmark for nurturing and promoting optimum employee health and wellbeing in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.