Why Holiday Parks are going premium.

Holiday parks have evolved over the years.

We’re now seeing another shift, an exciting move towards being more inclusive of the premium traveller.

While still catering to the rustic tent dweller, the caravan pull-up and the cosy cabin stay, holiday parks are now looking to expand their accommodation suite to feature a more premium offering. Because let’s face it, people love having choices.

We’re talking premium not just in a sleek, modern, comfort sense, but we’re also talking premium as a healthier, more sustainable accommodation option.

Many who travel do crave cosy comforts and a touch of luxury, but it’s not always within hotel walls. Many seek a different type of luxury – the freedom to roam the outdoors, bliss out in nature and revel in that infectious campground energy, all while having the option to retreat to a fresh, spacious and private space of their own.


Holiday parks are beginning to explore this premium market and ModnPods is delivering the solution – a high-quality, sustainable, Australian-made product.

A holiday park multi-unit development by ModnPods unlocks a world of possibilities, attracting those travellers who yearn to sleep, stay and play in nature without forgoing the creature comforts.

Why the shift to premium?

People nowadays are asking more questions. The health of themselves, their families and the planet are top of mind.

People are hungry for knowledge so they can feel confident and morally-sound in their choices. They’re asking about a business’s environmental footprint, they want to show support through buying Australian-made products and they want to make the healthiest decisions for their families.

And businesses, like holiday parks, are really listening. We’re seeing a rise in holiday parks looking to adopt a healthy, sustainable model that celebrates a holistic accommodation offering.

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How can ModnPods elevate your holiday park?

We are innovators in healthy, modular living, not just for sleek backyard home and office dwellings but also for commercial multi-unit developments including holiday parks, wineries and tiny home projects.

Our secret lies in our competitive edge, which we love talking about!

· We are Australian Made – architecturally designed and manufactured on the Gold Coast

· We use 85% premium Australian materials/products

· 70% of products are fully recyclable

· We’re the only modular company in the Australian market that builds to Passive House

Standards (Energy Efficiency)

· The health of people and the planet is our focus that’s why we use Low VOC Products

· A ModnPod is complete upon delivery, we don’t do flat pack!

A ModnPods multi-unit suite can take your holiday park to the next level by increasing customer desirability, increasing sustainability status and ultimately increasing park traffic and profitability.

Each pod features an enviable interior fit-out with an open plan design, while the larger designs have the option to add a kitchen + bath. You just tell us your vision and we work with you to design your unique multi-pod development.

Think of investing in a ModnPods line-up as a refurb with a healthy, sustainable touch – an upgrade oozing a premium yet down-to-earth vibe.

Tides are changing in the holiday park space – and for the better. And at ModnPods, we are fully equipped to ensure your business is ahead of the game, by designing and bringing to life a healthier more profitable future for your business.

To find more about how ModnPods can add value to your commercial venture please reach out to the team today.