The Pass @ Exeter, NSW

The Pass.

8 X 3.5M | + KITCHEN + BATH



The Mole family needed extra room. There were multiple reasons for this. They were working from home with a newborn on the way and family wanting to come and visit more often. This was a great opportunity for the family to put a ModnPod on their beautiful property in NSW. They would also be using the space as an office with clients coming to visit so it had to be comfortable enough to accommodate a healthy work environment.

The Pass with a kitchen and bath was the perfect option. The Pod will also need to accommodate family members when they come and visit, turning it from a home office to a high end guest house. The beauty of our Pods is as a guest house, you have all of the amenities that you would at home. This is incredibly convenient for most families or even if you’re travelling on your own. 

“We would highly recommend ModnPods after our home office [outside the home] arrived a few weeks ago. Their units are the ideal sweet spot in terms of cost. The final product and result are extremely impressive.”

— Gareth Mole