Why choose Modular Pods over a traditional construction project

Now more than ever, businesses, schools, holiday parks, social housing projects and individuals are looking for alternative building solutions whether it be for living, working, learning or playing. They are seeking out more affordable, time-efficient and sustainable solutions over traditional construction and the challenges and limitations that come with it.

Here at ModnPods, we are proud to be able to deliver alternative and innovative modular pods to meet these needs. With a healthy supply chain and quick manufacturing times, we’re able to mitigate the issues that many people are seeing with their projects across the country. Cost variations, lack of building material supply and La Niña weather patterns wreaking havoc on building deadlines are just a few reasons to consider pre-fab where our environment is controlled and supply is local.

Not only are we focused on more efficient and healthier living and working environments for the people who inhabit them, but also on having a positive impact on our planet for generations to come. The overall benefits of modular solutions, in comparison to traditional builds, are undeniable.

Our modular pods are manufactured at our Gold Coast factory and delivered as complete units Australia-wide, they afford buyers’ a turnkey solution, making the process simple, quick and easy. This means there is minimal on-site groundwork, resulting in minimal disruption to normal daily business or activities. When it comes to schools, this also means the school day and curriculum can resume as normal with no interruptions to timetables or distractions for students. While for holiday parks, wineries and eco resorts, this means no noise disruption for guests, no extra dust and dirt, and no visual and spatial clutter so guests will still have a premium experience while you work on levelling up your accommodation offering.

Finally, one of the most beneficial reasons to choose modular over a traditional build is the short turnaround time from start to finish. Initial meeting and concept to completion of an average pod is a total of only 10-12 weeks. Because of our relationships with dependable local suppliers, we don’t face the materials supply shortage issues that are currently plaguing the construction industry and also aren’t reliant upon the commitment and schedules of multiple trades and the challenges that come with coordinating them, due to our dedicated in-house workforce.
This results in a seamless, efficient process to ensure your pod or group of pods are completed in an extremely short timeframe.

We want to make this kind of service and infrastructure accessible and affordable to all while delivering the highest standard possible using local sustainable and non-toxic materials. Each of our pods are finished with no-VOC coatings as well as allergy-friendly flooring, to be accommodating to all. We know how important a fresh, clean and calm living, working and learning environment is, which is why each pod oozes innovation with air and sound quality of the highest calibre too.

Furthermore, our desire is to nurture the health of the planet, which is why all pods are manufactured using 90% premium Australian-made materials, with 70% of them being fully recyclable at the end of their lives. This makes them the most sustainable and eco-friendly choice around. For these reasons, choosing ModnPods over traditional builds drastically improves your environmental footprint, and level of economic and social responsibility.

So if you’re looking to improve the accommodations of your holiday park, create a healthier classroom environment at your school, or invest in seamless and sustainable housing for your staff, simply reach out and find out how we can help.