>Shire Christian School, NSW

The Point + The Drifter.

4M x 3.5M AND 6M X 3.5M | + AWNING



With a vision to create private, sound-friendly, creativity-boosting spaces for music students, Shire Christian School in Sydney, NSW commissioned ModnPods to design a stunning four-pod development. 

The dedicated music hubs, which are a combination of The Point and The Drifter designs, provide students with healthy, acoustically-treated spaces for music tuition, ensemble rehearsal and recording. 

Each Pod is fitted out with premium, sustainable acoustic panels by Troldekt crafted from natural materials, wood and cement, and is equipped with a Stiebel Eltron HRV System to ensure fresh, healthy air circulates throughout via controlled ventilation.

Committed to nurturing the health of their students, Shire Christian School was attracted to ModnPods’ use of No VOC painting and coating, non-toxic or hazardous materials, and allergy-friendly flooring. 

“Our instrument tuition program has been bursting at the seams. I’m confident these spaces will not only solve the logistical challenges that we faced, but more importantly will serve as inspiring places for students to develop their gifts.”

David Humphreys – Shire Christian School