ModnPods Officially Opens New Factory, Boosting Modular Pod Production and Local Employment

Queensland-based modular pod manufacturer, ModnPods, has announced the official opening of its new state-of-the-art factory in Arundel.

Thanks to an investment from the Queensland Government’s QIC-managed Business Investment Fund, the company is set to revolutionise the modular housing and accommodation industries, scaling up production and significantly reducing build times. This milestone marks a turning point for ModnPods, which is now positioned to produce up to 200 high-quality modular pods annually, supporting the increased demand for affordable housing solutions.

The new 6,200 square metre factory, made possible by the Queensland Government’s support, has allowed ModnPods to increase its manufacturing capacity tenfold. With the introduction of the new facility, the company reduced the previous 16-week build time to an impressive 32 days. Moreover, ModnPods is now operating at a remarkable 24-day turnaround, with a brand-new pod leaving the factory every 3 days with a view toward producing a pod every day at full capacity.

ModnPods Opening

The accelerated growth of ModnPods has translated into substantial job creation for the local community. Over the past year, more than 36 new jobs have been generated, and an additional 50 jobs are expected to be created by next year. This investment not only strengthens local manufacturing but also boosts the tourism and trade sectors in the region.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk commended ModnPods for its innovative approach to addressing challenges in the construction supply chain and workforce. She remarked, “ModnPods are changing the game in the delivery of modular housing solutions, with their new facility scaling production from 20 to 200 pod homes every year. Through the support of the Queensland Government’s Business Investment Fund, ModnPods are producing homes faster, which is what we need to see to meet current demands. It’s also terrific to see local manufacturing back on the Gold Coast and the 36 jobs already created through our investment, with a further 50 jobs expected by next year.”

Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick praised ModnPods’ remarkable growth story and acknowledged the significant impact of the Business Investment Fund. “In just one year, ModnPods have quadrupled their space, tripled their workforce, are increasing production tenfold and reducing build times by 70 per cent. Those numbers speak to a remarkable growth story, fuelled by the capital made available through the Business Investment Fund.”

Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for Housing, also expressed her enthusiasm for ModnPods’ achievements, stating, “When we back and invest in Queensland businesses it means they can deliver more for Queensland – including new homes to help tackle national housing pressures.

“ModnPods is just one of many businesses in our state we’ve engaged to build 100 social and government employee homes by the end of this year,” she continued.

Stuart Giles, the Managing Director of ModnPods, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the housing affordability space and create more local employment opportunities. “We’re delighted that ModnPods is contributing to the provision of solutions in the housing affordability space while supporting growth in local employment opportunities across the manufacturing and tourism sectors. The opportunity to showcase the talents and skills of our Queensland workforce to deliver innovations that are driving this spectacular growth story is something we feel privileged to have, and we’re proud of our achievements to date.”

ModnPods Team

Looking ahead, ModnPods is eager to explore further innovations and initiatives as they move toward full capacity in the new factory. Additionally, the company is actively considering future production facility locations in Queensland to continue its commitment to providing affordable housing solutions.