Let’s talk about insulation

Bear with us… We know that insulation may not be the most exciting topic to talk about, but it’s certainly an important component in any home or office build. And if you plan on using your modular pod for accommodation purposes, your guests’ comfort and the experience they have staying with you, can make or break your business.

Modular Pod Accomodation
PIR Insulation is your key to keeping costs down

Whether you’re looking at a traditional build or a modular pod, insulation is going to make or break your ability to keep warm in winter or cool in summer. Once more it’s going to drastically impact the efficiency of your chosen cooling/heating.

The better your home or office is insulated, the less energy you will require to keep it warm/cold, and with electricity prices climbing on what seems to be a monthly basis, insulation will play an even bigger part in keeping your electricity costs down.

You’ll likely already be familiar with insulation batts, the traditional and most common form of insulating homes. While batts do a decent job of insulating against the heat and cold, the material still allows hot/cool air to enter and escape your home which results in more energy to keep your home or office at optimum temperatures.

With sustainability at the forefront of every modular pod we build, we’ve designed them to be as energy efficient as they are durable, so for us, there is only one insulation solution.

PIR, also known as polyisocyanurate, is a premium insulation product to ensure each Pod is manufactured to the highest quality for longevity, health and sustainability and in our humble opinion, is the best insulation for modular pods.

Here are some of the reasons we love it:⁠

  • PIR is extremely durable. It resists mould and microbial growth, and will not rot, sag or decay⁠
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore highly efficient⁠
  • Is fully compliant to the Australian National Construction Code⁠
  • Highly moisture resistant. With a low water absorption of less than 2%⁠
  • CFC free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and contains zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) ⁠
  • Manufactured in Australia⁠
  • Made utilising raw materials from Australian companies⁠
  • Achieves Class B fire regulations and slows the spread of flames⁠
  • Not corrosive to metal over time⁠

And with no thermal break, PIR insulated pods become an ideal option for areas where the climate can be extreme

At ModnPods we will always source the highest quality and most sustainable materials for our Pods. We use 90% Australian premium materials, with 70% of those fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Any questions? Let us know! Or head to our website to learn more about what we do and how we do it