ModnPods Bushfire Resilience | BAL FZ Certified

At ModnPods, we prioritise your safety and peace of mind when it comes to bushfire resilience. Understanding the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of your property is crucial in assessing the potential risks associated with bushfires. Our team of passionate designers have developed a Signature ModnPods methodology specifically for BAL to ensure your modular buildings are designed and constructed to withstand varying levels of bushfire exposure.

The BAL, a standardised rating system across Australia, quantifies the potential severity of ember attack, radiant heat, and direct flame contact a building may face. It is measured in kilowatts per square metre, with higher numbers indicating greater risk. ModnPods offers modular pods designed to meet all BAL classifications, adhering to the Australian Standard for construction in bushfire-prone areas. These classifications determine the materials and construction requirements for your project.

The six BAL classifications we’re certified to manufacture to include:

  1. BAL Low: Very low risk, requiring minimal construction measures.
  2. BAL 12.5: Low risk, focusing on ember attack prevention.
  3. BAL 19: Moderate risk, addressing ember attack and exposure to up to 19kW/sqm of heat flux.
  4. BAL 29: Increased risk, covering ember attack and exposure to up to 29kW/sqm of heat flux.
  5. BAL 40: High risk, dealing with ember attack, exposure to up to 40kW/sqm of heat flux, and increased likelihood of direct flame exposure.
  6. BAL FZ: Extreme risk, encompassing ember attack, direct flame exposure, and heat flux exceeding 40kW/sqm.

These classifications consider various factors:

  • Location: Assessing potential approach of bushfires and property access.
  • Vegetation: Recognising that all vegetation can burn under extreme conditions, with denser vegetation increasing the fire’s intensity.
  • Proximity to Vegetation: Highlighting that closer proximity to vegetation elevates the fire risk.
  • Property Slope: Acknowledging that topography affects fire spread, with uphill fires being faster and more challenging to control.

We ensure that your pods are designed to withstand these factors. Our structural steel frame construction is shielded by architectural Colorbond cladding and provides resilience against extreme (cyclonic) winds, earthquakes, heavy snow, and bushfire activity. Depending on your site’s BAL requirements, we can incorporate additional measures to maintain both safety and aesthetics.

Our BAL FZ Methodology is a culmination of years of research and development and consultation between designers, certifiers and fire consultants. We are proud to be able to offer this certification to our customers.

Choose ModnPods for resilient modular buildings that prioritise your guests’ safety and withstand the challenges of bushfire-prone regions.