Flat Pack and
Containerised Housing Solutions

Flat Pack & Containerised Housing Solutions

MODNPODS offers a variety of flat pack accommodation, office and portable retail transportable solutions. Our units are packaged for easy assembly and include:

  • Standard container sizing with high-quality powder coated structural steel.
  • 50mm or 75mm EPS modular walls for different climates.
  • Pre installed wiring and light fixtures for immediate connection to power.
  • Customisable window/door placement as per request.
  • Ship up to 4 modules at a time in a single shipping container.
  • Assembly time with 4 workers and light hi-ab/crane is 4-6 hours.

Flat Pack Residential Range

Standard Specification & Inclusions

All models come standard with the following:

  • ISO and CSC approved shippable module. 2.5, 3m and 3,4m widths available.
  • AS2047 approved, aluminium cased double glazed windows and doors.
  • 75mm Light Gauge Steel stud framing.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring.
  • Your choice of two kitchen cabinetry styles with a variety of stone and stoneless counter tops. Complete with a sink, high-grade stainless steel tap-ware, and ready for immediate connection to plumbing.
  • Full bathroom – Ceramic vanity, watermark toilet, rain shower with acrylic wall/wet area options to suit.
  • Choices of cladding: Sustainably sourced WPC (recycled wood/plastic composite), Alu-Panel, Laser cut screens to any pattern, or standard Cor-ten steel as per shipping container.


6 x 2.5 x 2.9 – 20 Foot High Cube Container

Utilising a single 20ft modified container, this is our most spacious and price efficient model. Suitable as a 15sqm studio, cabin or granny flat, it makes for a cosy and adequate living space.

40 Foot Range

12 x 2.5 x 2.9 – 40 Foot High Cube Container

Stepping up from our standard 20ft container this module can split into two bedrooms with a small kitchen, living space and bathroom, or an open plan to form a large studio at the 28sqm mark. This module is our feature display home (affordable housing) for 2017/2018 in Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Extra Wide Range

In addition to our standard container range, we offer two extra module sizes for those looking for a bit more space within a similar footprint.  We offer a 3m and 3.4m width module, that can be transported via standard truck, while still allowing for that little bit extra space.

Multi Module Solutions - Full House Builds

We operate with high-quality builders and architects to supply all modules/containers as well as joinery, steel framing, materials, logistics and delivery of modules/materials for custom home builds. These style builds are always come with a unique nature.

This range comes with budgets suitable for accommodation/affordable housing all the way to luxury multi story homes. Please contact us to discuss your dream project!

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