Why The FAQ?

On a daily basis, we are asked many different questions., some of these questions are asked on multiple occasions and often result in being the same question asked previously by another client.

To assist you and improve your Modn experience, we have created this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to hopefully help answer some of these questions, and save you a phone call. However, we always welcome any questions you may have and are more than happy to answer them.

If you have a question, and it is not listed below. You can always email ModnPods or Call us during normal business hours.

Local Calls: 0413862604

Int Calls: +61 413862604

Email: info@modnpods.com.au

We do a little of everything


Who is ModnPods?

Modnpods is a product design, project management and supplier of factory built Container and Modular buildings. We offer both Commercial and Residential solutions of all shapes and sizes built to your specifications and project scope. We have a one stop shop build method.

1) Choose your unit

2) Get council approval if needed

3) Let our build team install your beautiful new home/office

What are the possibilities with ModnPods?

There is no limit to the use of a ModnPods Solutions, however, to list a few see below:

  • Granny Flats is our Specialty (10s, 20s & 40s)
  • Office/studio
  • Warehouse office/mezzanines
  • Hybrid container solutions; half office, half storage/workshop
  • Resorts or Hotels
  • Large scale commercial builds
  • Construction site office
  • Lunch/staff room
  • AID/Relief; Cyclone proof medical suites and disaster recovery accommodation

Why choose modular?

All our builds are factory built so there are no delays, we can also ship anywhere in the world making it easy with a strict deadline and its all affrodable. So while we build your unit/units you can get your site prepared. It also efficient for builds that require extra size and or creative site/design solutions.

What is the 4S Rule?

Steady Supply:

Containers & Modular Containerised Units are a low cost effective and widely available building block for modern construction projects. They are standardised worldwide allowing for easy transportation, are inherently strong and, and are available to our build team within hours of a design being finalised for production.


Shipping containers and our modular builds are designed to withstand the rough seas where they spend the majority of their life, intermittent forklift, crane, and truck handling. This inherent strength allows them to become the perfect structural tool at short notice for long-term and short-term application. If we don’t use containers we use a container frame and use steel walls to reinforce the sides. This gives more of a modular build.


Both our modular, container solutions are built in a factory environment, minimising material waste and environmental impact on the final site and its surroundings. We build to order, so have no wastage of valuable materials, and we use environmentally sustainable wood and recycled wood composites wherever possible.


Working in a controlled environment allows us to not be at the mercy of the weather and other conditions that hinder working deadlines and site conditions. We build 6 days a week, every week, throughout the year, rain, hail or shine.

What is the purchase and build process?

We aim for a maximum of 10 weeks from confirmation of design to delivery. During this process, you pay a series of structured payments and receive regular photo updates (bi-weekly) directly from the factory, so you can see your order throughout the production process.

The final payment is due following your inspection of the unit, and then your ModnPods solution is ready for immediate delivery.

We have plenty of clients overseas that don’t see the product until it arrives in this case we do a live video feed of the entire unit.

Do you offer finance?

We offer an in-house finance solution for certain projects. Please contact us directly to discuss the options available to you. Leasing, Hire purchase and delayed payment options are also available, just contact us to learn more.

Can I have something custom built?

Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to bring your unique idea to life. We have access to supplies of almost any construction material available and work closely alongside industry lead designers and architects to develop custom projects.
Please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.

Whats included in the initial design?

The standard design range of our single with non-structural design changes i.e. Window placement cannot be altered, however, the internal floor plan can. Design changes are unlimited once you make the initial deposit, however, can not be changed once the internal work commences.

  • Selection of any of our standard finishes and fixtures.
  • Complete working drawings and module plans for your engineers & Council approval.
  • Free swing-lift delivery of your module to any site within 75 Kilometers/50 Metres of a shipping port.
  • Consultation from our sales and procurement team on any questions or issues you may have.
  • Certificates for AUD, NZ and US compliance for relevant products used.

What are the standard inclusions?


  • ISO Approved Container or Modular Steel structure


  • Light Gauge Steel Framing, AS-2047 Double Glazed Aluminum cased windows.


  • Bamboo, Hard Wood or Tile

let’s work together on your new project