30 Jul 2017

Container Art-Chitecture – 3 of Our Favourites

While containers begin to slowly make their mark on traditional construction projects, they are also appearing world wide as a sculptural tool. Check out some of our favourite projects here!

  1. Freemantle, WA. By prominent artist Marcus Canning, this project acts as a metaphorical and physical bridge between an art and cultural growth in the city, and a past in industrialism. Installed by crane in a number of days for $145,000 displays a bold a cost effective symbol for the community.






2. Yokohama Arch, Japan.

Hosted by the Yokohama Harbour, the arch reflects a similar meaning as the Freemantle project, with slightly altered placement allowing for a completely different shape.


3. Animal Murals – Belgium

Utilising the 6×2.5m and 12×2.5 walls of a standard container as a low cost blank canvas, this sculpture stacks murals on top of each other to display individual art pieces within a structural sculpture overall.

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